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Best Hair Straightening Brushes for 2016: Reviews

Almost every woman cares about smooth hair. The market represents an abundance of tools which promise a quick and permanent effect. However, it is very difficult to find a really effective one.
This website is devoted to my long searches of the best type of hair straightener. This brush straightener has appeared on the market not so long ago. But the demand for them grows actively. The revolutionary nature of this device is speed and safety. Some of them are recognized as straighteners for thick hair. Also, the average price is lower than prices on similar stylers.

The site contains detailed reviews and videos on brush straightener with an analysis on technical and usability features. All the surveys were compiled by real people after they used the device for a period of time.
I hope this information will be useful for you. Here is a list of the top best hair straighteners on the market 2017.
Here is my story.I have had quite long curly hair and all my life I have been straightening it. First, I used to do it with a blow dryer and a simple comb; just like many other girls. Soon, my hair became dull and began to split because the blow dryer made it too dry. You are probably wondering if I tried any special thermal protection sprays. Indeed, I used various sprays, but they never gave the results that their respective manufacturers promised. Meanwhile, my hair was still splitting and still looked dull. Besides, all of those products cost a lot of money.

Once, a friend told me about flat irons. When I first tried one, I liked the result: my hair seemed straighter than after a blow drying. Moreover, it appeared to not be too dry, and it tended to split less. But, there was a new problem – styling process took about an hour. Every morning I had to get up at dawn, wasting too much time in front of the mirror. I tried to style my rebellious mane before going to work. It was awful.
And one evening, I saw on TV… a straightening brush. I was aware of flat irons before I purchased one, but this was something new and unusual for me.

However, I became interested in the very idea of it. I shared my thoughts with friends. After much discussion, we came to the realization that we could not choose the best one and ended up ordering different brushes from different manufacturers. Later, while we were discussing our new purchases, an idea popped into my head – we must share our experiences with other customers. We made a list of the best brushes. Each of us wrote a hair brush review telling of the specific features of the respective brands.

The Popular Questions

Here are the most popular questions. You can read a short answer or continue your research by clicking on the appropriate link. Also, feel free to ask any questions in the Q&A section.

What is a hair straightening brush?

Actually, this straightening tool has the form of a brush. More precisely, it is a combination of a flat iron and a scalp massager. It straightens and styles the hair while you simply brush it. Almost all tools have and ionization function. Negatively charged ions emerge when a heating element heats up. These ions provide a beneficial effect to hair and improve its look.

What features should I take into account when choosing?

At first glance, all of these models appear to be quite similar and you can assume there is no need to examine each of them in detail. This is a misguided judgment. They have various head shapes (rectangular, oval), speeds, maximum temperatures, etc. Read our hair brush straightener buying guide here, if you look for a full description of features and comparison tables.

How to use an electric brush?

Plug the straightener in, and select the appropriate temperature. Separate hair into locks and comb them thoroughly. Then, do the same using the tool. The end result is that you will get smooth, perfectly straight locks as well as an excellent mood for a whole day. I think it will be useful for you to read a detailed instruction on how to straighten your hair without damaging it using an electric brush.

Are high temperatures harmful?

As I mentioned previously, I have learned from my experience that high temperatures during hairstyling made my hair dull and caused split ends. So, be very careful when choosing the temperature.
Also, consider your hair type. If you still do not know what yours is, then read how to figure out your hair type in this article.

Why is it better than a flat iron?

First and foremost, this is the time expenditure: I spend 40-50 minutes for styling with a flat iron, and only 15 minutes with a brush. 15 minutes vs. 50 minutes? The choice is obvious! Another important advantage is that when you style with a brush, you do not press it tightly by hot plates, so the negative impact of high temperatures is minimal. Read a more detailed comparison of straightening comb vs flat iron.

How much does it cost?

The prices range from $18 to $150 depending on the set of functions and the materials that they are made of. If this is going to be your first one, you can start with a good but cheap hair straightener (look this category). Keep in mind that cheap does not always mean bad. If you are a more advanced user, then you will likely want to upgrade to a professional straightening brush (look here). Which, of course, is more expensive but has more functions.

Can I use it for kids?

Of course, you can! In this case, pay attention to models that feature an anti-scald design. The surface of the brush must not become hot during styling. Also, there should be protective bristles at the edge of a head. We have created a category with safety hair straighteners for kids.
This straightener is awesome! My hair is really curly and unruly and this brush straighten my whole head in about ten minutes. I can even use it every day if I want to without all the hassle of the blow dryer or the flat iron. I just brush my locks and it’s done! And it becomes silky soft too. It’s a game changer!  What are you waiting for? My advice: go get it!  About Luma, Nina
My hair is  thick, frizzy, slightly wavy, and this works fantastic on it.
I usually don’t wear my hair down because I hate blow druing.  But I go to the gym 4 times a week, so I have to wash it often, or use dry shampoos… I ran this brush through my hair and it was straight in 10 minutes. It also keeps the volume I had at the roots from sleeping with wet hair. This is my new favorite hair tool. I think we are going to be great friends! About FemJolie, Ann


Revlon Hot Air Brush Review

If you are among those unlucky ones who cannot treat and style their own hair, a device I’m going to review today will definitely relieve you from all this stress and irritation involved into a daily hair drying process.
Revlon hot air brush – a state-of-the-art styler to overcome an eternal bad hair challenge and create a trendy hair look with one hand in mere minutes!
Why did I decide to pick up Revlon electric brush? Well, there are over fifty thousand of people who have already bought this product in America and I got curious to know what makes it so highly-sought. And found out it!

Hot Air Brush Revlon: Features and Characteristics

My impressions when I first tried the hot brush were truly deep. I was positively shocked: inspiring design, comfortable handle, tangle-free bristles, and removable barrels – they are all ideal for curling, straightening, and brushing while drying. But the coolest thing is that this tool adds volume to the hair regardless its length and type, it eliminates frizz, and makes static hair smooth too! Revlon is a great find for my fuzzy, rebellious mop. A WOW effect is what I got from the very first use!
I fell in love with Revlon heat brush on the spot! First of all, this instrument is a multifunctional hair appliance. Whether you want gentle waves, bouncy curls or straight hair – Revlon tool does this all! I really like its design too; the tool looks like a round brush with stiff bristles, which are aimed to provide smooth combing on both wet and dry hair.


John Frieda Hot Air Brush Review

I should say that I have good hair; after all, it is quite thick, strong and slightly curly and people are often making me admirable compliments. However, my entire perception is spoiled by one major flaw; the texture of my hair extremely disorderly. The things I have to do to not only put my hair in an attractive hairdo but even just to tie it up into a regular ponytail! My hair is always puffy, fluffy and tangled. I usually solve this problem by using a flat iron or curling iron, but after all the remarks I have heard about the safety of hot tools, I am afraid of using them too often. Over dried hair not only looks worse but often isn’t tamed at all.

Recently I was looking through several online stores in search of the safest hair styling tool and I came across the Hot Air Brush by John Frieda. Attracted by how compact it is; its efficiency and safety claimed for the hair, I decided to make an order. Now I would like to tell you a wonderful story of how I tamed my own strands.


I was amazed at how the John Frieda Hot Air Brush is very compact. At the length of just 11.6 inches, its weight is about 1.3 pounds; meaning it’s is very easy to take with you actually anywhere if necessary, to a party or on a trip.
The design seemed very attractive to me. The comb body has a nice streamlined form and a pretty silver tinge, so it looks incredibly stylish and modern. The handle of the tool lies very comfortably in my hand, which greatly facilitates the process of creating a hairdo. The flat switch doesn’t create any discomfort, and the rounded end of the brush helps to avoid hair damage while using the tool. In general, I was impressed the appearance of the John Frieda Hot Air Brush and definitely wanted to try it out immediately; seen as I had just washed my hair and the brush was at hand.


Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler Review

In this review, I proudly present you an exciting hair styling tool, The Infiniti Pro Spin Air Rotating Styler by Conair.
Do you have straight or slightly wavy hair? Do you wish to transform your hair to a curlier look? If yes, then this is the hair tool for you.
Let’s look at this tool in detail, and along the way, I will point out all of its features. I will relate to you, describing what I feel are the tools good and bad points so that you can purchase your choice with confidence.

First Impressions

The Infiniti Pro’s body is made of plastic. The heating element utilizes tourmaline ceramic technology. The unit is cylindrical in shape. Its measurements are: 3.6 x 6 x 15.5 inches. It weighs nearly one pound.
This hot air brush is currently only available in black.
In the box, you get:
  • The powered brush handle/controller
  • 2” spin air brush
  • 1 1/2” spin air brush
  • Protective brush cover for each brush


This brush does not feature a rotating cord, nor does it have a built-in hanging hook.
The one feature that sets this apart is that the attachments of the brush spin while the tool is set to operate on low or high heat modes. When it is set to the cool mode, the brush attachments do not spin which allows it to function like a conventional hairbrush. It is also worth noting that the brushes spin in both directions offering further hair styling possibilities.

It also has a removable filter for lint. This is great because it can help to extend the motor life by keeping lint and other remains away from the motor.
There are two attachments included in the box, a two-inch brush head and the other is a smaller one and a half inch brush. Protective covers for each brush attachment are also included.

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Conair Supreme Hot Air Brush Review 2017

This is not just an ordinary brush that blows air, as it might seem at first sight. This hot air brush is often used as a curling iron, and the bristles are very soft. It is very convenient because you can get curls and straighten your hair if necessary with only one instrument.
Based on my own experience, I can say that this hot air brush delivers better functionality than any other hot styling tool does. This appliance will certainly give you smoothness as well as volume. It comes with two interchangeable heads for styling your hair. These are a small 1-inch nylon bristle brush for defined curls and a 1.5-inch curling brush with hard plastic bristles for large, voluminous curls. The brushes are detachable, so you can easily clean them.

I purchased this hair tool to straighten my hair, to curl it, and, of course, to create wavy alluring strands. In short, now this is my magic wand that helps me to get any hairstyle I wish. Be sure that with this tool, you will be able to create luxury straight hair, soft voluminous curls or tempting waves in a split second and without any efforts. And its built-in safety stand and cool tip provide safety and convenience.
My hair is thick, coarse and shoulder length; I can say that styling my strands with this brush is the easiest way to handle my extremely straight hair. My hair is difficult to curl, but this tool allows me to cope with this task without any problems. Moreover, this appliance will not tangle your hair up as most brush dryers do. It is much easier to use this hot air brush than to hold a brush in one hand and a hair dryer in the other.

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Babyliss Hot Air Brush Review

Do you need something that adds volume to your hair? Are you searching for a product that works well with your limited time? Does your heart yearn for a tool that requires less energy to use?  Or, do you want a product that stands out among many others of its kind? Now it is possible to find the answers you want to all of these questions with one device! This is the review of the Babyliss hot air brush.
Just like every product, this one has pros and cons. I’m sure that as you read further, you will be able to decide if this is the one for you or not. Well, I can certainly say that your answer will realize as you read further.

First Impression

This is a big round brush (cylindrical to be exact) that has been specially constructed this way for a purpose. The interesting fact is that it is a rotating blow drying brush.
Its dimensions are 3.5 x 13.8 x 6 inches; 14.1 ounces, but the barrel which holds the bristles is only 2 inches of the whole tool. The barrel is metallic (titanium), while the rest of its body is made up of plastic. Its weight is about 1.7 pounds.
I got mine in a beautiful blue color. I’m not sure whether there are other existing colors of this brush, though. When I purchased mine, I only saw it in blue. I do hope they make it in other colors as well to suit the different tastes of women.

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Best Hair Straightening Brushes for 2017: Reviews

Beautifully smooth hair is something most women care about! We are very fortunate to have such an abundance and wide variety of tools available on the market which can guarantee an immediate and long-lasting effect. Although, with so many tools and products to choose from, the task of finding the perfect one to suit all of your specific needs can seem rather problematic. But don’t worry, I can assure you that no matter what type of hair you have: short, curly, thick or thin, there is definitely something which will be perfectly suitable for you!
This website has been devoted to providing reliable assistance to help you when it comes to making a decision on which one to buy. After a lengthy investigation, I have figured out what is the best type of hair straightener. Currently, the hair straightening brush is extremely popular, surprisingly as it has appeared on the market not so long ago. They are generally a lower price than other similar styling tools while providing efficiency and care for your hair.

This site provides detailed reviews and useful videos on the most popular hair styling tools available today with an analysis of the technical and usability features. All of the reviews are from people who have actually trialed the product on their own hair; they used the device for a period of time long enough to make a fair judgment, understanding all pros and cons of the product.
This information will be beneficial if you are having difficulty making a decision. Discover the top best hair straighteners on the market 2017.
So now I will share my story with you; I have had long curly, frizzy hair all my life and once I hit my teenage years I was desperate to start straightening it; so I did. I started by using a simple comb and a blow dryer; like many other girls. Within a short period of time, my hair became dull and the ends began to split; blow drying my hair so often had left it completely dry. Although I did use thermal protection sprays my hair still couldn’t handle the scorching temperatures the blow dryer was expelling. So I was left frustrated, with dull and dry hair that was constantly splitting even after spending plenty of money on these thermal protection products. But I can’t even say that the products which I were using were the right type for my hair, what I can say is that I was simply young and uneducated when it came to hair care.

So after a while, a friend of mine exposed me to flat irons. The first time I tried it, my hair was straighter and sleeker than it had ever been before so I absolutely loved the final result! My hair appeared to be less dry after straightening with an iron and it tended to be splitting less. Now I had a new problem, the amount of time it took me to straighten my long frizzy hair was roughly an hour, too long. Still, I got up every morning at dawn and wasted a ridiculous amount of time in front of the mirror. It felt like I spent so much time at the beginning of every day styling my unruly hair before heading off to work, which generally resulted in my day starting off with me feeling flustered and frustrated.
One evening, while I was watching TV, I set my eyes on a straightening brush for the first time. I was aware of flat irons before I purchased one for myself, but this was completely new and unusual for me.
So, of course, I was intrigued! I shared my thoughts among my group of friends and they found it just as interesting and exciting as I did. We knew we had to try this new straightening brush out for ourselves. After much discussion, we came to the realization that it was too difficult to decide on the best brush without actually trying them out, so we all ordered different brushes from different manufacturers. At a later date after we had already received and been experiencing the brushes ourselves for a while, we were discussing our new tools, sharing our personal opinions and thoughts on our different tools with each other, comparing the features and how well each tool worked etc. when an idea popped into my head! – We must share our thoughts with other customers. I understood that not all women would be daring enough to try out different products as an experiment on their own hair, and they didn’t have to! So, we made a list of the best brushes and wrote reviews on the individual brands which we used ourselves while noting all of the important features and everything you could possibly want to know before making a purchase.

Source: http://hairbrushguides.com