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Babyliss Hot Air Brush Review

Do you need something that adds volume to your hair? Are you searching for a product that works well with your limited time? Does your heart yearn for a tool that requires less energy to use?  Or, do you want a product that stands out among many others of its kind? Now it is possible to find the answers you want to all of these questions with one device! This is the review of the Babyliss hot air brush.
Just like every product, this one has pros and cons. I’m sure that as you read further, you will be able to decide if this is the one for you or not. Well, I can certainly say that your answer will realize as you read further.

First Impression

This is a big round brush (cylindrical to be exact) that has been specially constructed this way for a purpose. The interesting fact is that it is a rotating blow drying brush.
Its dimensions are 3.5 x 13.8 x 6 inches; 14.1 ounces, but the barrel which holds the bristles is only 2 inches of the whole tool. The barrel is metallic (titanium), while the rest of its body is made up of plastic. Its weight is about 1.7 pounds.
I got mine in a beautiful blue color. I’m not sure whether there are other existing colors of this brush, though. When I purchased mine, I only saw it in blue. I do hope they make it in other colors as well to suit the different tastes of women.

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