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John Frieda Hot Air Brush Review

I should say that I have good hair; after all, it is quite thick, strong and slightly curly and people are often making me admirable compliments. However, my entire perception is spoiled by one major flaw; the texture of my hair extremely disorderly. The things I have to do to not only put my hair in an attractive hairdo but even just to tie it up into a regular ponytail! My hair is always puffy, fluffy and tangled. I usually solve this problem by using a flat iron or curling iron, but after all the remarks I have heard about the safety of hot tools, I am afraid of using them too often. Over dried hair not only looks worse but often isn’t tamed at all.

Recently I was looking through several online stores in search of the safest hair styling tool and I came across the Hot Air Brush by John Frieda. Attracted by how compact it is; its efficiency and safety claimed for the hair, I decided to make an order. Now I would like to tell you a wonderful story of how I tamed my own strands.


I was amazed at how the John Frieda Hot Air Brush is very compact. At the length of just 11.6 inches, its weight is about 1.3 pounds; meaning it’s is very easy to take with you actually anywhere if necessary, to a party or on a trip.
The design seemed very attractive to me. The comb body has a nice streamlined form and a pretty silver tinge, so it looks incredibly stylish and modern. The handle of the tool lies very comfortably in my hand, which greatly facilitates the process of creating a hairdo. The flat switch doesn’t create any discomfort, and the rounded end of the brush helps to avoid hair damage while using the tool. In general, I was impressed the appearance of the John Frieda Hot Air Brush and definitely wanted to try it out immediately; seen as I had just washed my hair and the brush was at hand.


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